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July 08, 2008


Financial Atychiphobe

"a majority believe that it would be a bad idea to dump the portfolio onto the market at the worst possible time, and believe that a liquidation would be better managed over a reasonable period of time"

When somebody yells "FIRE" at the back of the theatre, calmer heads will prevail


finally a well thoght out response to this situation. dysfunctional managers that take 3 years to close positions are not living up to the agreement to return money to investors in a timely manner. these lopsided contracts encourage managers to use delay tactics while still collecting fees.
hiding behind the contracts signed rather than the promises made is cowardly and wrong. how some people can look at themselves in the mirror every day and be happy they have honored their word is beyond me.
enjoy your ill gotten gains


Well Benny, while you're worried about ill gotten gains and how people look themselves in the mirror, I'm more worried about selling assets are fire sale prices. It might not be pretty but you don't let a patient up from the table half way through surgery.

Financial Atychiphobe

I bet Benny would have a different view if he was waiting for his redemption and was at the back of the line.

Don't forget to turn out the light and close the door.


September's short selling surges warrant a closer look at the sovereign context in the markets, i.e. sovereign market participants and contextual international political issues. This site had some interesting context to Barry Ritzholt's financial Big Picture blog post on converging shorts:


Mentor Capital, Inc.(MNTR)

Mentor Capital has a $145 Million program to assist hedge fund principals to manage their gated redemptions without a fire sale.

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